Submission guidelines

General guidelines

Send all submissions to in the form of Word docs or via Google Drive. In the subject line of your email please include the submission type (poetry, fiction, or nonfiction). In addition to your pieces please include an author bio (approx. 50-100 words).

Simultaneous submissions are okay.

Angel Rust only asks for the right to publish your work and keep it archived on our website. All ownership remains that of the author, who may choose to republish the work anywhere at any time. We are a non-paying outlet.

We aim to provide quick responses, usually within two weeks of receiving your submissions.

Poetry guidelines

Send up to three poems at a time. No strict word/line limit, though we’re not seeking outright epic poems. No strict limits on content, form, or style, either. Send us what you’ve got and we’ll be glad to look at it. If your work also includes distinct visual elements (i.e. found poems, particular spacing, etc.) feel free to include JPGs of your work as feels appropriate.

We are also open to poems written in languages besides English, but when submitting these please also include an English translation.

Fiction guidelines

3,000 words or less. We’re looking for anything dark, messy, or fun. We’re mostly interested in literary, underground, or experimental fiction but are not opposed to it containing speculative or genre elements. Things unapologetically Queer or from a non-white perspective with a transgressive, postmodern, or bizzaro lens will catch our attention the most. No novel excerpts.

Nonfiction guidelines

Angel Rust is seeking nonfiction that–above all else–makes an argument, presents a perspective, or otherwise forwards a clear agenda; even if that agenda is one of self-expression. Any topic is welcome from video games, to personal essays, to music, to architecture, etc. For media crit, think less buyer guide review, more analytical thinkpiece. For memoir, think less of painting a picture and more of propelling a narrative.

Pieces should average around 1,000-2,000 words, but this is by no means a firm word limit in either direction. Only one nonfiction piece will be accepted per writer for each issue, but we are more than happy to publish writers again in successive issues if they have more work to share. Therefore, only one piece should be submitted per issue.

Visual art submissions

Send up to four pieces as separate image files via attachment in your email. Please also include titles and the mediums used (i.e. watercolor, charcoal, etc.)