Michael Borth

The experimental unfolding
Of God as regenerate bloom
Is a connected silk explosion
Of ultracompact drafts
Epiphanic healing in their perfect volt
Of circumlocution and demented logic
Unbroken, sound, erotic through their halfmute
And paper whisper

The morning of our cities
A dull yet intensely cryptic lullaby
Power windowed, diffusely liquid
In memorial cataclysm
As the city rises from the iris of its own ash
Into the scourge and chrysalis of the people it fires
Who in their embryonic chore
Make a dream of the new iteration of the infantile
And insatiable beast
And the toil of its orgy of detritus and ire

Refracted bloodlight the oracular genesis
Of sexual law
Dried paint in the runnels of the cobblestone
A new wireless, entropy inconclusive
A sonic and prophetic wave
And the war knife kept in the drawer
Paints through its unstable frequency
The high bell
That ruminates the market
The plastic sword
The café lungo
The pound of steps

Michael Borth is a writer from the Hudson Valley. His work has appeared in Fence, New World Writing, SPECTRA, Forever Mag, SELFFUCK, and elsewhere. He can be reached here: michaeljborth@gmail.com