Lenny DellaRocca

A farm is a plow when a horse is asleep
A section of film is as round as a door
I’m peeling a lamb from the wall with a rag
When mushrooms are black he sits on his hands
The vineyard is blue
A map can speak miles
The head of a man in the ground is a sin
An engine is good if a howl can start cars
Gears in a shape disappear from the square
Hundreds of dots dig a hole in the air
A rope is a mime when it falls from the roof
My sphere plays with bikes in a vast field of snow
The pail is for light when the water is deep
A farm is a plow when a horse is asleep

Lenny DellaRocca is founder and a publisher of South Florida Poetry Journal- SoFloPoJo. He’s the author of four poetry collections, two full-length, and two chaps. His work has appeared in many literary magazines since 1980. Things I See in the Fire, won the Yellow Jacket chapbook contest. He is Pushcart nominee, and was president of the Hannah Kahn Poetry Foundation. In that capacity, he brought major poets down to Florida for readings and workshops.