Kaitlin Rikala

Eyes caked in green and pink  
Pigment like limes and pussy  

Lips, glittering  
Like frenzied elation and pools of alcohol. 

We’ve been in floods.  
The dirt on the floor is a garden.  

Do you think that you can be killed by repetition? 
We’ve been in floods. 

Decadence: champagne and chocolate  
Cake and nobody around to bother you.  

To disturb thoughts. 
My vaginal canal burns like a secret, 

An ogre’s pocket. 
I drag my feet everywhere I go. 

To disturb thoughts. 
Dirty walls and smudged. 

It’s like chewing ice when you’re thirsty  

Realizing the true butter softness. 
Fetus in a half-heated lava lamp  

In utero, 
The impracticability of drowning sorrows. 
Inundation in utero.  

Kaitlin Rikala (they/them) is a 23 year old that recently graduated from UWEC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Art History and Creative Writing. They are looking forward to attending The University of Chicago as a Master’s student in the fall of 2022.  Find out more at https://kaitlinrikala.wixsite.com/website