Jeremy Scott

I stand naked and alone on the mountaintop, yet not afraid. The thorns are in my heel, I
am a lion, you are a bear. You eat me. I’m dead. Resurrection on the third day, erection
on the fourth. From the bowels of Hades I rise, ready to slay. I begin to descend the
mountain, but first let me be struck by lightening. I will harness the energy and build a
bomb. Light the fuse. You know you want to. Boom goes the dynamite! Explode with
seminal grace, like the machine gods we are. Sad to see you go, cum back later.

Jeremy Scott is from Albany, Georgia. His work has been or will be featured by All Guts No Glory Zine, Beyond Words Magazine, BOMBFIRE, Surreal Poetics, Versification Ezine, and others.