Eli V.

i think, often, of consumption,
and how my love is not love,
but desire to hold you
in my mouth—like the fox
crossing suburban streets,
a rabbit locked in their jaw,
possessive but tender.

in this, i crave the gentle
give of the bone,
how it must feel to contain
another’s pulsing jugular,
though, i wouldn’t bite,
merely rest you on the base
of my tongue, wet with longing
and that primal hunger, for blood
and sex are equal in everything
but the aftertaste.

Eli V. (they/them/theirs) is a queer poet and writer from Virginia. They are the recipient of the 2020 Joseph A. Lohman III Award in Poetry from the Academy of American Poets. They write about animals, queer identity, mental health, and the occasional cryptid. Their work is featured in Pussy Magic, Entropy, The TEMZ Review, The Forge, Feral, and Capsule Stories. You can find them on Twitter at @EliVandell.