Daniel Edward Moore

High Tide

Watching you, made it clear, the godly cometh in waves.
Making me, a shore, where crash and calm, rinse the shells
of broken vows cracked beneath our feet, making you a
starfish holding wounds the faithful never could.

I dressed you in a rumor of battered sails, a scandalous story
tied to the mast with a bow on your belly’s fire. You undressed
me like a tiger shark, one stripe at a time for the drowned inside
when the godly cometh in waves.

Dreamer Behold Thyself

Watching your body
slip its knot of suffering head to toe
as the silver headed sexual self
pounds soft into hard into now what sir,
a mule train of breaths hauled happiness
out of a world with no canaries.

Watching you graze
on the worst of me
enclosed by rotten fences of faith,
open to wild flesh-eating things
blessed the bed with meaning.

Watching you sleep,
the universe drooled one mouth at a time,
the mind dripping off stalactites of teeth,
shining the lips with unspoken dreams
as eyes fluttered like sunflower petals:
rapid, gold & untouched.

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in The Chiron Review, The Bitter Oleander, Plainsongs Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, Nixes Mate Review, Lily Poetry Review, The Adirondack Review and San Pedro River Review. He is the author of ‘Boys’ (Duck Lake Books) and “Waxing the Dents” (Brick Road Poetry Press)