Cheryl Caesar

Ode to Bindi

Text embedded in charcoal drawing

From my back window

Because the sky is sullen
the birch leaves tremble,
water shivers in the pool,
the grass heads wave,
— pointing me away! away! —
and the blue jay calls, Fear! Fear!

“Before the Storm” (watercolor)

Cheryl Caesar lived in Paris, Tuscany and Sligo for 25 years; she earned her doctorate in comparative literature at the Sorbonne. She teaches writing at Michigan State University. She publishes poetry worldwide and gives readings locally. Her chapbook of protest poetry Flatman is available from Amazon. Some of her COVID-era poems appear in Rejoice Everyone! Reo Town Reading Anthology, and the Social Gap Experiment, also available from Amazon. An upcoming anthology, Words Across the Water, features her poems and recent artwork.