August Early

This is a picture of two people with breasts and penises (and beaks) making a pact to dispose of their newborn babies together. On the left and right are their placentas and umbilical cords being discarded. The figures are making unbroken eye contact. The butterfly/bow in the middle is the peace they feel having made this decision, or else it’s the strength of their bond and pact.

Or maybe they got hysterectomies and those are their uteruses together in the middle, joining.

The gray part around the babies at the bottom is the rift between life and death that the babies have only just emerged from and are now returning to.

Image source: Rorschach, Hermann (1927). Rorschach Test – Psychodiagnostic Plates. Hogrefe. ISBN 978-3-456-82605-9.

August Early is a comedian and artist studying ethics near Washington, D.C. This is their first publication.