Andy Oram

In consideration of the bodies

we adopt a narrow interpretation
the bodies fall
under paragraph 135
although it is not explicit on that point
and we take up
the empty shells
the distressed husks where bodies would fall
where we exercise discretion
concerning essential decency

we address the obstruction presented by the empty shells
regarding the commotion issuing from the locked chamber
an excavator entrenched among the obstructions
in conformance with Attachment A

yes, the young bodies decomposing
in the final memorandum
whether it pertains to the empty shells
and the fouled waterways (covered in Appendix B)

and in response
given references to the relevant authorities
we forbear the bodies

Andy Oram is a writer and editor in the computer field. His editorial projects have ranged from a legal guide covering intellectual property to a graphic novel about teenage hackers. Print publications where his writings have appeared include The Economist, the Journal of Information Technology & Politics, and Vanguardia Dossier. He has lived in the Boston, Massachusetts area for more than 30 years. He self-published a memoir, “Backtraces: Three Decades of Computing, Communities, and Critiques”, and his poems have been published in Ají, Arlington Literary Journal, Conclave, Genre: Urban Arts, Heron Clan, Offcourse, Panoply, Soul-Lit, Speckled Trout Review, and WhimsicalPoet.