Adamu Yahuza Abdullahi

There is evaporation occuring in my skull.
Home decrementing into drops, into tiny
shards out of the gases of life. They say
we shouldn’t give layman definition to things.
Same way the Shaman described my home
as a garden scented with roses, with neam
tress. He delineated a home hanging on the
pendulum of the sky with so much beauty.
I searched for a perfect picture of what he
described, like one searching for invisible
needle point. My home is so much an atom
from no element, compound or mixture.
That is how we live here, naming every
darkness light. I tell you, there is an assergai
piercing through the heart of every Nigerian.
Still no one cares about the darkness nesting
over our heads. No one thinks the day will
one day breaks along with their head dangling
with no momentum in the fingers of air. & not
dreadful of the nakedness of their dreams.
It is okay to keep making our body home for
bullets. I looked at the sky, horror gripped
my body & threw me up. My body left with
no chemistry, no acceleration. no gravity.

Adamu Yahuza Abdullahi is a budding poet from Kwara state, Nigeria. He is currently running his degree program at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria. He works as a campus journalist at PEN PRESS, UDUS. He is a year three student of botany. He is obsessed with writers and what they write. When he underthinks, he reads; and when he overthinks, he writes. He is so much passionate about his ancestral hometown, Kemanji, where he writes. He bagged NAKS ( a student Union body) award of the best poet of the year, 2021. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in the Kalahari review, synchronized chaos, Arts Lounge and Borgu book club. He can be reached at and he tweets at AdamuYahuzaabd2.