About us

Angel Rust is a queer-led magazine based in Virginia, US. It is the older sister that smokes with the windows up in the car, the abandoned mall overgrown with ivy, and the mechanical remains of your departed loved ones, oxidized from inactivity and the fear of ascension. Angel Rust is a place for under-represented voices to be messy, to speak their truth no matter how shocking, and to die on a hill no one else cares about.

Angel Rust is looking to publish exciting, challenging, and edgy work in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, with a particular interest in transgressive or experimental short stories, strong-hearted essays or critiques, and radical poems in any form from writers with unique perspectives and an unshakable fearlessness. While we are queer-led and queer and non-white writers are highly encouraged to submit, it is a not a requirement. New issues go up every month.


Trevor Richardson – nonfiction editor

Trevor Richardson is a nonbinary media critic, podcast producer, and underpaid laborer of faggot experience. Their writing can be found at AIPT Comics, Unwinnable, and Gayming Magazine and their podcast can be found at Queering the Guillotine. They can be contacted on Twitter @Brisuuve.

Eric Cline – poetry editor

Eric is an angry faggot. His poetry chapbooks include his strange boy eve (Yellow Chair Press), something farther across the ocean (Throwback Books), and cicada shell: life in a queer body (Tenderness Lit). He also cohosts the podcast Queering the Guillotine. He is on Twitter @ZorakRichardson.

Bex Peyton – fiction editor & graphic designer

Bex Peyton is a fiction writer, useless film degree holder, and conjurer of evil faggotry. Their work has appeared in Screendoor Review, SELFFUCK, and Fleas on The Dog. Bex does not co-host and in fact refuses to listen to Queering the Guillotine. They can be contacted @kuragesyndrome on Instagram.


Angel Rust logo and background pattern courtesy of Bex Peyton.

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